Press Release

NBA Hall of Famer’s Digital Vision Puts Him In a League of His Own


April 21, 2022

NBA Hall Of Famer Mitch Richmond is the brains behind a new company that is out of this world.

PlanetRoc is the next generation of digital asset management.

Los Angeles, Ca., April 21, 2022 — PlanetRoc is ecstatic to announce its official launch as one of the premier digital asset management companies in the next generation of the digital industry. CEO and Founder Mitch Richmond is no stranger to the digital world. Since being the first player to grace the cover of Playstation’s NBA Live in 1997 Mitch has been increasingly involved in the gaming technology space.

Mitch, along with the PlanetRoc team (TeamRoc), are currently focused on funding and participating in various technology-based ventures by leveraging their collective experience and business relationships. PlanetRoc’s primary focus is on digital technologies such as NFTs, Augmented Reality, Metaverse, Gaming, DeFi, and Blockchain-Based Ecosystems.

“I’m really happy to be creating opportunities and providing the platform for creators to display their unique gifts in the digital community.” – CEO/Founder Mitch Richmond

As a result of TeamRoc’s extensive product development experience, PlanetRoc has emerged as a vanguard product liaison firm for cutting-edge digital tech companies. We are excited to be fostering groundbreaking digital innovation while creating business opportunities for a new world.



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